26 May, 2016

An Introduction & Foundation to Soil Science, and Soil Quality Monitoring & Assessment

This two part, 5-day long training course is held at Lancaster and Bangor Universities. The first half of the course, at Lancaster, includes talks from leading soil scientists followed by practical laboratory and field work, learning about the basics of soil functioning with an introduction to basic professional soil science, led by the British Society of Soil Science from their ‘Working With Soils’ Professional Training Program.

The second half of the week provides further hands-on field work hosted at the Bangor University Farm which has a classic catena sequence containing the dominant UK soil types. It will include ‘Discovering soils in the landscape’ combined with in situ techniques for evaluating biological, physical and chemical soil quality indicators. It will also look at ‘Improving soil quality’ and the role of ‘Soils in delivering ecosystem services’, and the issue of soil pollution, contamination and remediation.

The next course dates are 29th April – 3rd May 2019. If you are interested in taking part, please contact the STARS office for further information.

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