Can nitrogen saturation lead to lower soil N pools? Using paired chronosequences to study the mechanisms governing nitrogen accumulation

Supervisor: Laurence Jones Registered: Bangor University Based: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Nitrogen pollution can reduce plant diversity in dune ecosystems by 50%, but new research suggests that nitrogen saturation may actually limit the amount of nitrogen accumulating in dune soils. This innovative project will use high-resolution chronosequences (sites with soils of varying age, 0-160 […]

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Mitigating the impacts of intensive agriculture on lowland organic soils

Supervisor: Christopher Evans Registered: Bangor University Based: Centre for Ecology and Hydrology This studentship will address one of the most pressing global environmental challenges, namely how to maintain food supplies to a growing human population without triggering irreparable damage to the earth’s ecosystems and climate. It will focus on the most important terrestrial carbon store, […]

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Soil macronutrient cycles beneath our feet: predicting how soil carbon and nitrogen manipulation regulates phosphorus cycling for environmental benefits

Supervisor: Marc Stutter Registered: Lancaster University Based: James Hutton Institute and Lancaster University Scientific developments are needed to unite global goals of improving soil quality and enhancing soil phosphorus efficiency. Organic matter cycles of the major nutrients P, N and C are both regulating, and regulated by, soil microbial and chemical processes. We see this […]

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