Lewis Rose

Name: Lewis Rose

Project title: Variability of gas diffusion in soils: what can we learn from a naturally-occurring tracer? 

Where based: University of Nottingham / British Geological Survey

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Growing up I enjoyed a great deal of exposure to nature and so have always cared a lot about environmental issues. My undergraduate degree was also at the University of Nottingham, where I held a BP STEM scholarship for four years before graduating with an MSci in Natural Sciences. My studies were mainly in chemistry and environmental science. My masters project was in synthetic organic chemistry – the target synthesis of an anti-cancer natural product.

Project description:

In these early days of my PhD I plan to measure concentrations of radon gas in soils and create models of its diffusion within the soil system. These models may be used to predict the diffusion behaviour of other gases (which for various reasons are not as easily measured in the field), and also to address other modern environmental problems.