Current Projects

Project Title Lead Supervisor Student
Does soil biodiversity matter? Connecting diversity, function and the delivery of ecosystem services from soils Davey Jones Paul George
Carbon cycling in plant soil systems Paul Hill Maria McMahon
Dynamics of metal nanoparticles in soil environments Andrew Tye Beckie Draper
Accounting for soil change using ecostyems service approach David Robinson Fiona Seaton
In-soil trophic interactions between plants, rhizosphere bacteria and nematodes: improving availability of soil phosphorus Roy Neilson Malika Mezeli
Long-term climate change effects on soil microbial diversity and function Emma Sayer James Edgerly
Mitigating soil erosion by manipulating root system architecture John Quinton Emma (Bea) Burak
Breaking new ground: novel plants for the remediation and conditioning of soil structure Karl Ritz Jasmine Burr-Hersey
Can reduced tillage mitigate against climate change? Sacha Mooney Hannah Cooper
Rhizosphere bacteria promote sustainable crop growth Penny Hirsch Heather Ruscoe
Ecosytem contros of competition for nitrogen between plant roots and soil microbes. Paul Hill Elliot Hill
Widening the bottleneck of the terrestrial nitrogen cycle Davey Jones Lucy Greenfield
Combining geoelectrical imaging and X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) for improved hydraulic characterisation of soils Oliver Kuras Mihai Cimpoiasu
Land Use Change Impacts on Soil Hydraulic Function David Robinson Francis Parry Roberts
Feedback mechanisms on soil susceptibility to erosion processes in a changing climate Robert Grabowski Emily Dowdeswell
Measuring and modelling plant-driven soil carbon dynamics Guy Kirk Chris McCloskey
Modelling plant variety dependent least limiting water range: assessing the limits to root elongation in field soil Tracy Valentine George Themistocleous
New insights into soil formation, organic matterturnover and degradation of soils over long, decadal to millennial timescales John Quinton Daniel Evans
Snow cover regulation of alpine soil ecosystem carbon release Nick Ostle Rosanne Broyd
Antecedent effects of catch crops upon the cycling of phosphorus in agro-ecosystems and scavenging of plant-fixed phosphorus by the soil microbiome. Andrew Neal Sam Reynolds
Antibiotic resistance on the farm: Evaluating the risks to soil, crop and human health Helen West  Alexander Williams
Variability of gas diffusion in soils: what can we learn from a naturally-occurring tracer? George Shaw Lewis Rose