STARS Autumn 2021 conference

Join us for the STARS Autumn 2021 soils science conference. As well as ground-breaking research talks by our STARS students and global soil scientists, there will be key-note speakers from the world of soil, professional development, and policy and practice. There will be art, music and interdisciplinarity. We are really going to try and produce something special and hope you will join us, whole heartedly, for the ride.

The conference will be hosted at hubs across the UK by our partner sites. The hybrid design will cater for both virtual or physical attendance. Delegates can choose which partner hub they wish to attend but are asked to consider responsible travel. Daily or residential options will be available for physical attendees, who can enjoy our unique venues, carefully selected to support focused thought and meaningful interactions (expected no. of residential guests at each hub is 10-20, TBC).

If you would like your partner site to be a conference hub we are currently welcoming interest. Hub-site nominations must come attached with at least one person committed to leading their local event. Although you would have complete support throughout the project the role will require a level of commitment and ambition on the part of the regional leader and host-site.